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Our History Portrayed In Beautiful Rare Coins in Arkansas

This extensive coin collection is offered for sale by FOXX RARE COINS. The 64-page catalog features an "ANA" grading and CDN wholesale pricing. We are selling our large collection of rare coins in Arkansas as a single unit. All collections are listed here:

Half Cents Complete 1793-1857, Except For One
Large Cents Complete 1793-1857
Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents, Complete 1857 Through 1909
Lincoln Cents, Complete 1909 Through 2019 and 90% Are BU Or Better included are 1922 no D/1955 DDO
Two-Cent Pieces, Complete
Three-Cent Nickels, Missing 9
Three-Cent Silvers, Missing 10
Shield Nickels 1866-1882, Missing 3
Liberty Head Nickels, Complete 1883 Through 1912
Buffalo Nickels Complete 1913 Through 1938, Including 18/17 D, and Three Legged 1937 D
Jefferson Nickels, Complete 1938 Through 2019
Seated Half Dimes 1837 To 1873, Missing 4
Capped Bust and Seated Dimes, 1809 To 1891, Missing 10
Barber Dimes Complete 1892 Through 1916
Mercury Dimes Complete 1916 Through 1945,  Including 1942/1- 1942/1D
Roosevelt Dimes Complete 1946 Through 2019
Twenty-Cent Pieces, Complete
Capped Bust and Seated Quarters; Have 64.
Barber Quarters, Complete 1892 Through 1916
Standing Liberty Quarters Complete, 1916 Through 1930, Including 1918/17 S
Washington Quarters Complete 1932 Through 2019, 95% Are BU
Capped Bust Half Dollars, Missing 2. Included Are 23 Varieties
Seated Half Dollars, 1839 To 1891; Have 97 Of Them
Barber Half Dollars, 1892 Through 1915, Complete
Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1916 Through 1947, Complete
Franklin Half Dollars, 1948 Through 1963, Complete
Kennedy Half Dollars, 1964 Through 2019, Complete
Morgan Dollars Complete, 1878 Through 1921 With 66 Listed as BU Or Better
Peace Dollars Complete, 1921 Through 1935
Ike Dollars Complete, 1971 Through 1978, Including All Silvers and Proofs and All Varieties
Susan B. Anthony Dollars Complete 1979 Through1999, Including All Proofs and Varieties
Sacagawea Dollars Complete, 2000 Through 2019 
Presidential Dollars Complete, 2007 Through 2019 
A Type Set Of 84 Coins, 1793 Through 1964

This is a large coin collection and will only be shown by appointment. If interested in learning more, please contact:

PO Box 8123
Hot Springs, AR 71910

Please print your name and phone number clearly. Our 64-page catalog contains all coin grades along with wholesale prices. This collection will be sold intact, as a single entity. All coins are kept in a bank vault.